Time to Move

I’m not sure is it a right decision to do so. But i know that my heart and mind are tired. I need a break to slow down. I have no idea what am i doing for the past one year. Time flies and I don’t see what am I done? Perhaps getting old to move in my career, furthermore am not a career woman too. Now, I feel that rest is what i want the most. I could do some other job which not so stress. Suddenly feel that health is much more important than wealth. Can’t imaging how a sick person could enjoy his/her life if with health problem?

Decided to let go everything. Follow my heart and mind, enjoy my life with some simple work. Spend more quality time with family and friends. As money can’t buy health and relationship..

About miumiu138

I'm glad to came to know God. Thru Him, I thankful and appreciate with what i have and what i had gone thru.. Thank you Lord :)
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