Sydney @ 15052010

Arrived Sydney airport at 7:04am (M’sia time is 5:04am).. so early. The weather here is much more cooler than what I expect, cooler than Genting. Luckily I did brought more jackets beside from MIL 🙂

I suppose to meet up hubby at Chatswood station, howeve he offer to meet up half way which at Wynyard station instead. The train system & structer are totally different in M’sia (of course). Their train is much slower than ours, i suppose it’s like their living style. By the short observation at train station (while awaiting for hubby), people here walk a bit slower and relax than us. haha..

Finally meet up hubby and went back to his dome, located at Freeman street. It’s a five storey apartment but they called “Town house”. Well, the security here are totally different with us. I suppose nowaday security guards are the basic requirement for an apartment or condo in our country. Hence, here are free.

The management will only provide you a security card to enter the main entrance of your place and you must scan your card in the lift before pressing the button (just like we went to any hotel). There is no guards at all… Another best part is there is no lock for all the doors inside the apartment. Yes, no door lock at all, even for washroom as well. Somemore, if you didn’t lock your main door after you enter also doesn’t matter. Nobody will open your door and come in to your house.  If we are doing this in M’sia, died. All your stuffs in the house will be move and you wouldn’t see anything once you come back home.

Hubby also bring me to the nearest market at his place to buy some veges and groceries. Stuffs at here are quite pricey, if we calculate by our currency, all things have to x3.

Oh yeah, one more i realized that although it is a very cool weather, but those gals here still prefer to wear short skirt. Maybe they had used to it with the weather, i suppose. The time here is 2 hours ahead than M’sia. Thats mean i got to have my dinner 2 hrs earlier.. got to sleep 2 hrs earlier.. haha.. Anyway, i still need to take a rest early as tomorrow will be another great day for me.. Hubby is going to bring me to Hill Song Church, one of the popular and bigger church in Australia. Praise God.

About miumiu138

I'm glad to came to know God. Thru Him, I thankful and appreciate with what i have and what i had gone thru.. Thank you Lord :)
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