Gong Hei Fat Choi @ 2011

Time flies.. It’s our third Chinese New Year celebration. This year both of us work till CNY eve and leave from KL to Ipoh at 4 pm. When we reach Ipoh, it’s time for dinner… haha just on time 🙂

The weather in Ipoh still hot as usual. However, the CNY environment are still the best compare in KL ^_^ After dinner, every one start to look for their gambling kaki.. Me accompany hubby to play cards and we do won a bit… wohoo… a good start for us in this year !!

Although we did not wake up early on the next morning, but still earlier than others 😛 Before having lunch, the Chee family having a very big crowd of distribute of Ang Pow ceremony.. All the kids and singles boys/girls will queue for ang pow from all aunties and uncles (including us too). After lunch, it’s my shopping time in Ipoh. Begging my driver to company me to Parkson as need to buy more shoes back to KL. Guess what.. I’d bought 5 pairs of shoe at last!! Average is RM 38 per pair… very cheap lor.. and the quality is good too 🙂

2nd day of CNY, after lunch we leave from Simpang Pulai and heading to Sg Siput. Hubby and his parents and relatives are going for golf. So me and sister in-law stay at aunty house accompany with all kids and relatives. Before dinner start, three of us went to Jusco for another round of shopping and lepak 😛

On the 3rd day of CNY, nothing much to do but stay at home watching TV show as hubby went out with his parents and relatives for golf again. At night after a simple dinner, we started our journey to Jusco to meet up hubby and heading back to KL on that night. The traffic heading back to KL is so terrible. So many cars on the road. The jam at highway is not due to any car breakdown or accident but just too many of cars on the road!! Can’t imaging that so many cars in KL, the traffic is getting worst.. No wonder KL have so many cars everyday!!

Arrived home at 12am something.. Oh no, still need to un-pack and pack some stuffs back to JB on the next morning by flight. I only left few hours sleep… sigh.. what to do, quickly pack stuffs and shower and sleep lor… Now it’s 1:15am jor… can only sleep for 3 hours… sigh….

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I'm glad to came to know God. Thru Him, I thankful and appreciate with what i have and what i had gone thru.. Thank you Lord :)
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