I just realized that 5 more months to go till end of the year. Gosh, time really flies till i don’t even realize or recall what have i done for the pass 7 months.

Since CNY update, found that i didn’t update my blog for such a long time jor 🙂

Moving in to our new house in the month of March. Now i totally understand that to manage a family/house is not as easy as we though. Sometime we felt enjoy but most of the time i felt tired. As i can’t stand the messy or dirty in the house ^_^ But it’s a very joyful and great living experience for both of us!! New journey start!

Nevertheless, hubby bought a golden retriever to join our family. aiyo, we don’t even settle down our things, now i got to take care another one. *faint* To be honest, this little doggy is kinda cute and friendly. she’s a months old when she came to our family. Of course teaching her all the manners are not easy. Thanks God, she did not giving me hard times. Now she’s 5 months old, and she getting bigger and bigger. It’s time to leave her stay outside instead inside the house 🙂

I really Thanks God for His protection and guidance, because of Him, I learn many things thru my journey with Him. Although my Faith is weak but i do believe that He won’t give up on me wherever i pray. He really blessed me in my career. Moving up to next level is not as tough as i thought. But it’s really tired when i need someone who could share the burdens. There are many time, i kept asking myself should i give up and go. But i never do that. The only thing which i can do now is to continue my work, searching right people and develop the potential one in order to expand our unit.

About miumiu138

I'm glad to came to know God. Thru Him, I thankful and appreciate with what i have and what i had gone thru.. Thank you Lord :)
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2 Responses to 30/07/2011

  1. thammelissa says:

    Welcome back to your blog, Miu!
    I agreed….dog can be our best companion!!

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