Joyful X’mas 2011

This is a very different X’mas season for both of us. I came to know a great news 4 weeks ago. It’s such a wonderful and joyful moment we had. Thanks God for giving us to celebrate this important day on X’mas. Although the end result is so cruel, but we both accepted the truth.

Two more days, You will be going to heaven to stay with our Father. No matter how, we both will continue to pray for you. May you rest in peace with all the angels in Heaven. We are really sorry about it and please forgive me as I didn’t be a good and responsible mother to take care of you. RIP, our beloved BB..


About miumiu138

I'm glad to came to know God. Thru Him, I thankful and appreciate with what i have and what i had gone thru.. Thank you Lord :)
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2 Responses to Joyful X’mas 2011

  1. thammelissa says:

    Sorry to hear the bad news…
    Stay strong & tough…May God bless you..
    Take good care, Miu. HUGSSS….

  2. miumiu138 says:

    Thanks babe.. We are very fine. Although it’s cruel and only solution, but we had accepted the truth..

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