His Glory appear AGAIN!!

Recall to my last post here. am glad that His glory appeared again!! Yes, after a month later!! We never put any expectation and I don’t even expect i could conceive in such a short period! But God really kept His promised to us! Let me share my short testimonial here (finally i had something to share on Him!!! yippy)

Last year, when we both came to knew that we need to take out the little one, we were very down and disappointed. I kept asking God why, why, why? But i never think that it could be me at the first place asked Him a silly question that: God, am i ready for our baby?

We both attended X’mas morning service in SIBKL. I still remember the very surprise statement from Pr Paul. Before the alter call, he point somewhere near us and said: “I could feel a couple here who recently had miscarriage. Don’t worry and sad, God will send the lil one soon. ” Then we went out and asked for prayer from Pr Andy and also my kidzone’s buddies. Although my tears kept came out from my eyes and i couldn’t stop at all. But i felt a kind of peace and strength in my heart to tell me that i need to face the truth. Told myself that this is a challenge from God, as He answered my question!

Although i did not go through the full pregnancy but within these 8 weeks pregnancy, i experience mother’s love and the scarifies. It’s same like God. He sent His only son to us. Jesus scarified himself and die on the cross. Because of Him, we could have a relationship with God and most important, eternal life!!

Now, finally, we can official announced that i’m 3 mths pregnant! and guess what, my due date is on my birth day. So conincidence right? It’s all God’s plan. Keep your faith with Him and He will give the best to you! Let go and let GOD! Let Him be the driver and GPS to the destination.

Last but not least, i know there are many sisters out there are trying hard (we also tried for 3 yrs plus). Don’t give up! Keep your faith with Him! Only He can make miracle happen! Only Him can make impossible to become possible!! I will keep pray for all of you and am sure you will get yours soon. God Bless.

About miumiu138

I'm glad to came to know God. Thru Him, I thankful and appreciate with what i have and what i had gone thru.. Thank you Lord :)
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3 Responses to His Glory appear AGAIN!!

  1. thammelissa says:

    CONGRATS Miu!! I also feel very happy for u. Thank GOD that HE did not forget you. Well..I do hope there would be a ‘magic’ on me too..unless there is something wrong somewhere la… =p
    *take good care, Miu. HUGS!*

    • miumiu138 says:

      Mel, thanks. Sure God will give to you when right time arrive 🙂
      He is an awesome God could make miracle happen.. Keep your faith and i will pray for you & ur hubby ^^

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