Such a long time did not attend church service. Since i can’t continue sleep after wake up at 7am, so i decided to go church by myself.

Today Pr Chew sharing a very good sermon where it really touch me so much.

After became Christian, my life is so joyful and peaceful. I thanks God for a wonderful husband and family, stable job, more friends (sisters and brothers) surrounding us wherever we need help. But this is not all. Last year was a very challenge year for me and hubby. We learn to support each other, be faithful and trust Him. Because of our faith, we went thru the most challenge in 3rd years of married. From there, i started to tell myself that God has a purpose behind it, and I believe Him.

  • Understand that pain is inevitable
  • Understand that God will never leave us nor forsake us
  • Understand that pain and trials/tribulations are part of God’s perfect will for our life
  • and last: JUST TRUST GOD!

When we understand and trust on God, everything will be solve by itself. He always listen to our prayers and He know the best for His childrens. Do not worry, let it be and let Him in-charge. Praise God..

About miumiu138

I'm glad to came to know God. Thru Him, I thankful and appreciate with what i have and what i had gone thru.. Thank you Lord :)
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