7th Months Progress..

This month will be the 7th months of renovation of our love nest. I must admit and proud with hubby as all the effort he put in is worth than anything. The outcome really turn as fantastic..

First we thought that the reno could be complete before X’mas. Don’t think can be ready by New Year eve too.. Anyway, we don’t really desparate to move in and yet there are too many things to build and settle. I rather take a bit longer time to do than rushing.

The most important is hope that we will utilize all the funds in our hand wisely and useful 🙂 Can’t wait for the end result…

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A meaningful SunDay @ Sanctuary Centre

Every year there will be a charity organize by Elaine. Usually we will have one during moon cake festival or X’mas. This year, we choose to have one in orphanage home at Setapak. It’s a pretty new home with 48 childs (all are indian boys and girls), between age of 3 – 18 years old. There are two homes for 48 of them. One for girls and another one as boy home. There is no furniture in the home, even a bed for them. Therefore all of them need to sleep on mattress on floor. And there are about 20 or more of them to sleep in one room. Can you imaging how bad it is?  

After understand their needs and wants, we gather all friends and relatives and colleagues to collecting funds to buy some double decker beds, rice cooker, fridge and groceries. I was busy with work and kidzone, therefore i didn’t collect much on fund. Hence, I did have a group of friends and colleagues with kind heart to helping me to arrange of foods and games and goodies pack, soft toys and clothes for the kids.

It’s a very good challenge for me. As i need to really plan well for my time management. To collect all goodies packs from Catherine, to ensure there are enough funds for more groceries, all foods plus cakes and nuggets, hotdogs are well prepare for tomorrow.. It’s not an easy job, especially I got to work on Saturday somemore.. sigh 😦

Thanks God, the weather of that day are wonderful. All of us decided to meet up at McDonlad at Jln Pahang. After having our big delicious breakfast, we started our journey to Sanctuary Centre… yeah yeah ~

The person in-charge bring us to their boys home instead girls home due to limited space. After parking our vehicles, we start to unload all stuffs plus foods from our cars 🙂 There are four cars full with foods, groceries and goodies pack (and also toys). The kids there are very excited when they see us arrive. They even have some performance to appreciate our helping and kindness 🙂 After their performance, follow by our games. Our game master, Anas, Pui San and her team, started to play with all kids to get close to them 🙂 I must admit that all of them are really done a fantastic job!!

Finally it’s lunch time, i can see all kids can’t wait to collect their foods from us. However, they are more hunger for KFC instead of fried rice or bee hoon from Joyce.

Overall, it is a very sucessful charity trip to this home. And all of us really done a fantastic job in terms of contrinute in fund or putting effort for anything. The joy and happiness from all kids of Sanctuary Centre are the more precious for all of us 🙂

Again, I want to thanks to all my friends who really take their time and effort to arrange or buy or cook to make this success!! You all are so Wonderful and Precious !! I’m so proud to be in the team with all of you.

May our great Lord bless you and your family and your loved one in good health, wealth, joy and happiness always !! Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!!

God bless..

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Random ~ 13/07/2010

Such a long time i didn’t blog here.. If not mistaken, the last time when I was in Sydney for holiday break.

Well, there was some changes in my department. Me & my colleagues, four of us tender our resignation within 2 months. The senior management realized it’s such a high resignation in my depat during that month. To solve the issue, senior management decided to separate our current support team to Operation team, which reporting to another new department. I suppose it is a good start for us as different way of handling and different leaders.

After a deep consideration with hubby, me and one of my colleague accepted their offer and stay. Another two friends of mine, remain unchanged.

Life is full of challenge and there are many many issues awaiting for us to handle. Today we have our first official meeting with our marketing colleagues and ex-boss. I don’t feel comfortable with the outcome of meeting. I feel that every process sound like unchanged and the worst is getting more and more additional tasks which our team need to carry it.

Now I feel regret that accepting the offer and also feel sick with all the operation process. As the same issues will still come back to our end, no matter how. Just wondering why can’t we have a clear cut between Operation & Marketing? Is it due to first day we had been join together, and now is very hard for us to draw a line in between marketing and us.

Now, I don’t know how long i could stand and stay….

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Today we wake up a bit early as hubby want to bring me to few places.

Our first destinastion of today is Hill Song Church, this is a city campus located at Youth Street. We take train from our place to Central Station, walk to a bus stand where there is a free buses provided by church to pick us. Arrving church, first impression about Hill Song is “Is this a church? It’s look like a commercial area!”. From the main entrance, there is a coffee bar at the centre. Of course it is not a free drinks, but the price of those drinks are much more cheaper than outside 🙂 There is a bookstore on the right side of entrance, selling all kind of books or CD or DVD of Hill Song and also other pastors. There is another surprise while enter the hall. I though it is a TV hall like when you attend a TV show in live or some kind. Their equipments are some canggih, the stage and the big flat screens are so nice. Wah, this church is so awesome and blessed by the Lord.

After the service, we take bus from church back to the bus stand where near Central Railway, then walk all the way to China Town and Paddy’s market. Walking distance frm there to China Town is about 10 min, the weather is cold although the sun is there. Hubby bring me to one of the chinese rest for our lunch. The meal portion in Australia is very big compare to M’sia. Therefore, two of us always share one meal 🙂 if not, we are not able to finish it !!

After meal, we walked to Paddy’s market. There are plenty of stalls here, so we bought some sourvenirs from here since it’s cheaper than other places, i suppose. Suddenly, someone scream “caught him”, then we saw a man chase a kid as the kid steal something from his stall. It’s seem no one assist him to caught or stop this kid, dont know why? Then hubby said, who is going to do so? As you wouldn’t know is there any other members with this kid or not. Furthermore, most people here are tourism, who want to take risk and help ?

Next destination is Darling Harbour. There are few attraction over there: LG Imax Threater, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Wildlife World, Chinese Garden of Friendship, Star City and etc…

Hubby suggest to pay a visit of Sydney Aquarium since we have nothing to do. We purchase a so called: Value pass to visit 3 places. Value pass is allow us to visit: Sydney Aquarium, Sky Tower and Sydney Wildlife World. Validity of the ticket is one year. The price of this value pass is AUS 49.90.

Visited Sydney Aquarium, it’s really open my eyes to so many beautiful fishes & others in sea. Look at the shark, turtle, giant corcodile and many more over there.. It’s beautiful and also scary for me (cos i dont know how to swim :P)

Came out from Aquarium, hubby suggest to visit Sky Tower, since we are going to take train home from somewhere near there. Sydney Sky tower is where we can view the whole Australia.. If you want, you can choose for Skywalk also, but i dont dare 😛

By the time we leave and heading to railway station is about 6:00pm and the sky turn dark already. Sun set in Australia is on 4:56pm, thats why by the time of 5:30pm it’s look like 7:00pm or 8:00pm in M’sia.

Well, I had walking so much for today till my legs going to “broken”. Too bad, the foot massage here was so pricey. If not, i will have my foot massage everyday lor… LOL..

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Sydney @ 15052010

Arrived Sydney airport at 7:04am (M’sia time is 5:04am).. so early. The weather here is much more cooler than what I expect, cooler than Genting. Luckily I did brought more jackets beside from MIL 🙂

I suppose to meet up hubby at Chatswood station, howeve he offer to meet up half way which at Wynyard station instead. The train system & structer are totally different in M’sia (of course). Their train is much slower than ours, i suppose it’s like their living style. By the short observation at train station (while awaiting for hubby), people here walk a bit slower and relax than us. haha..

Finally meet up hubby and went back to his dome, located at Freeman street. It’s a five storey apartment but they called “Town house”. Well, the security here are totally different with us. I suppose nowaday security guards are the basic requirement for an apartment or condo in our country. Hence, here are free.

The management will only provide you a security card to enter the main entrance of your place and you must scan your card in the lift before pressing the button (just like we went to any hotel). There is no guards at all… Another best part is there is no lock for all the doors inside the apartment. Yes, no door lock at all, even for washroom as well. Somemore, if you didn’t lock your main door after you enter also doesn’t matter. Nobody will open your door and come in to your house.  If we are doing this in M’sia, died. All your stuffs in the house will be move and you wouldn’t see anything once you come back home.

Hubby also bring me to the nearest market at his place to buy some veges and groceries. Stuffs at here are quite pricey, if we calculate by our currency, all things have to x3.

Oh yeah, one more i realized that although it is a very cool weather, but those gals here still prefer to wear short skirt. Maybe they had used to it with the weather, i suppose. The time here is 2 hours ahead than M’sia. Thats mean i got to have my dinner 2 hrs earlier.. got to sleep 2 hrs earlier.. haha.. Anyway, i still need to take a rest early as tomorrow will be another great day for me.. Hubby is going to bring me to Hill Song Church, one of the popular and bigger church in Australia. Praise God.

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Time to Fly @ 14052010

Finally, after so long of waiting. Tonight I’m going to fly to Sydney visit my dear 🙂 Work till 2:40pm, rushing to KLCC to buy a present for hubby’s customer who an Australian. Leave KLCC around 3:15pm and stuck in traffic jam in Jln Tun Razak. Gosh, now is only 3: 15pm, but traffic jam is started.. Can’t imaging what happen after working hours..

Arrived home at 4:15pm, nevertheless continue with my packing. Am I bring enough stuffs/clothes/pants/shoes over there? Am I bringing over stuffs there? aiyo, how??? I’m afraid my buggage over weight.. I’m afraid Sydney custom not allow me to bring all my ELKEN suppliments over there (as hubby & friends did warn me not to bring foods there, otherwise there will be a penalty) Don’t care, just pack and try my luck since hubby said Australia not so straight with those suppliment stuffs but food.  After done with packing, i go to MAS website to check my buggage limit, afraid my buggage is over weight. Thanks God, i’m allow to check in 30 kgs buggage.. Ok, I suppose my buggage is within the weight.

Taxi pick up at 6:30pm and I reach KLIA at 7:15pm. After a long queue at check in counter (for economy class), the staff told me that i shd check in at Business class counter and not here.. Shit, i made a mistake pula. Ok, switch to Business class counter, no one here so  just take me about 5-10 min, check in done..(I suppose the business class ticket is damn expensive, thats why not many ppl here 🙂 )

Next, take airport train  to another side of airport. After arrive, looking for the MAS Lounge as hubby told me that i can eat, drink, online and do whatever there. Manage to find the place, well it’s another experience for me. There are many drinks (even beers) and cookies over here, you can eat as many as you want. I can’t take it much as feel sleepy. Take some drinks, sit on the sofa and start to FB again.. haha…

At 9:20pm, go to gate C to awaiting boarding. The plane is here, everyone can proceed to on board. Well, travel by business class is very convenience  as no need to wait for queue to go in (am so jealous with those always travel by business class), stewardess are so polite (well, they are polite all the time, i suppose) and make you feel warm by address you with your name instead of sir and madam. I also found that those stewardess will treat foreigner passengers much more better than our local people. Perhaps they think that foreigner will complain more than asians, who know? My flight delay due awaiting for one guy who didn’t not on board on time. why this people so self-fish? Because of you, one person and caused the whole plane waiting, don’t you feel shame? Plane manage to take off around 10:45pm (by right is 10:10pm). Those stewardess are busy-ing taking our meal order, serve everyone with drinks (white wine/red wine/beer/juice) and towel. I though i can have a sweet dream after giving my order to her, who know they start to serve me with satay as supper. Aiyo, i dont eat supper one ler.. Ok, give face, then i ate and fall sleep. Then they served meal pula.. Serve with a shrimp & salmon as appetizers, follow by my main course which is  grilled norwegian salmon and fruits as dessert. Guess what, now is 12 midnight and i’m going to eat these stuffs. @.@ After finished all, I dont think they are going to serve me with other food, i think  now it’s time for me to sleep ba…

I suppose this is my first time taking a night flight, somemore it’s 8 hours journey. Thanks to my dear as using his Enrich points to redemn a business class ticket for me. Although i can’t really sleep well during the whole journey but i was grateful and appreciate with what my dear did for me.

Well, the stewardess wake me up at 5:00am, to serve breakfast. sigh.. I never have my breakfast at 5am, this is my very very first time again 😦   Don’t think I can sleep as we are going to landing soon. In fact, our flight arrived early than I expect. But still we have to wait a little while as no place for plane to park. Finally, managed to get out from plane around 15 minutes later. I was a bit worry and nervous as this is my first time visit Sydney. I heard that Sydney custom is very straight especially for those first time visitor. As they are afraid those who come for illegal working. I was so lucky as they did not ask me any question (maybe i show my business class ticket kua… haha…)  After collected my buggage, i went to checking lane as am not sure whether my supplements are allow to bring in or not. Thanks God as they just scanned thru my buggage and informed me that i can go in without open my buggage. The lady who behind me is not so lucky as they are require her to open all her luggage included her hand luggage as well.

Now, another challenge for me.. Looking for train station, hubby is going to meet me at Wynyard station, manage to find the train station and buy a one way ticket.

Hubby arrived later than me as he claim that i did not tell him i was in train when i suppose to tell. Anyway, we meet at Wynyard and hubby realized that i didn’t buy a proper ticket till Chatswood. (to be honest, i though i need to buy another ticket when i’m in Wynyard station travel to Chatswood). So when we arrived Chatswood, the staff allow us to go out and advise us to purchase another tickets of it, how generous they are 🙂

Oh yeah, forgot to share the weather here is very cool. If not mistaken is about 13-15 celsius during day time. At night is about 11 celsius and below. No wonder my face is so smooth and not oily.. haha.. Of course, i prefer cool instead of hot weather.. but it look like i can’t really stand too cool weather especially below 11 celsius.

Looking forward for our tomorrow itinerary.. Going to visit Hill Song Church… yahooooo….

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Happy Mother Day @ 090510

Yesterday i went church to attend a special service  alone. I’m so impress with what church organized on this special festival: Mother Day. I was so touched by those boys came out on stage and share their very personal testimonal with their mothers. However, the best part is church prepared a small gift bags to all mothers. Guess what brand? It from  Crabtree & Evelyn. There is a hand lotion + spa voucher and etc. How i wish i can get it also 😛 

This is not finished yet. Pastor pray for all mothers in church, that is where i crying as i can feel how hard to be a mother since delivered a child till bring them up, educate them and worry with whatever they face. Remember that i was very stubborn and naughty and rebel. I used to run away from home twice. I used to tell lies to my parents especially my mom. Our relationship getting better after i move to KL. Perhaps it just like what 古人说:相见好,同住难。。It seems really true for me and my parents. haha.. I told myself that I will do my level best to maintain our relationship with parents and also between sisters and brother.

Here, I wish all momies Happy Mother Day.

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MB GaTherinG @ 240410

Well, such a long time didn’t catch up with all ji muis from MB. So glad that few of us can make it for this again 🙂 There are many there excited to say but no act at all. I think we only organise among ourself no need to post on FB and asking around since everyone are so busy with their preparation or being a mothers.. I think only few of us will make it by end of the day 🙂 Here with some pic taken during that day. haha.. No one bring their black box out, luckily i did bring my little tiny for emergency. Otherwise we have to use iPhone to shoot liao 🙂

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Year 2009

Such a long time didn’t login here and share my life or work here… Well, three more weeks and we have to say “sayonara” to Year 2009 and welcome 2010. Time flies and I feel that nothing I had done in year 2009.

~working life~
Now realized that i had joined this company for 10 months and nothing much i have done… the mission i set for myself to achieve, is not complete and yet i may need to extend.. at least, i learn a lot of stuffs which i can’t learn from previous company. I’m glad and grateful that my supervisor cum close friend, is open mind and willing to guide and assist me to complete certain tasks which beyong my ability, I suppose. I’m blessed too to have so many team mates who so aggressive and positive to work with. Of course i learn a lot from product and also human managing. It’s time for me to move further instead of continues staying in my comfort zone. kambadeneh ya ^^

~marriage life~
Well well well…. many people will ask these below questions after your first year married:
1) any good news?
2) when are u both plan to have a family?
3) It’s better to get pregnant now than later, although i understand that young couple would like to enjoy for few years then start family plan…
It really make me feel to find a hole and juz put my head in to not listen those silly comments anymore. I knew those peoples are trying to share and giving their advise but yet don’t they feel that perhap that couple also have their own problems??
Maybe they had tried several times or even the past one year and cannot conceive successful due to work pressure or anything?
Maybe they are facing financial issue or tight cash flow as they just start build up their love nest?
or maybe some other reasons? (sorry i can’t figure it now) Still, these two are my answer !! Who know both of us didn’t try it? or not hard enough? Are you going to help me pay my house instalment, car instalment plus all my expenses if i have a kid now? Although hubby may not have a big issue on his financial but still there will be a lot a lot of money to spend when the little one is arrive.. All these are very depend on our planning. My opinion: i always want to have our love nest, is not bcos of my parent in-law. as i want hubby to take a responsibility and be the man of our nest.. So then he can bear more responsible when the little one or two or three are arrive.. I suppose God have his plan on us. When it is the time, he will come.. why should i give myself or us such a big burder to carry? and we had carried for one whole year and yet we still don’t know how to realease completely till now…
I wish both of us can enjoy our “honey moon” in year 2010 🙂

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MIA = Missing In Action

Well, such a long time did not update and online at FB and blog here. My working life is superb busy and stress than before. And I’m double or triple busy than before during weekend. As i have to assist MIL in workshop on saturday, then go to Kidzone to help out in the evening. I feel that I may not able to catch up with friends during weekend anymore. Anyhow, I feel proud as I can serve in His house 🙂

Ok, let me describe my working life now. All my colleagues included myself was superb duberb busy since Feb before CNY. Till now, still busy due to lack of man power. We had highlighted to our HOD long time, but no action + solution from him. We did suggest to get temp staffs to help out, however, he pretend don’t know. Well, till recently our outstanding tasks shoot up to very high volume so we have no choice but required a close door meeting with him. We told him that if he did not or not bother to take any action, all of us will tender our resignation soon!! No kidding, five of us, 1 manager, 1 asst manager, 2 Senior Exe and 1 Exe will just leave it with no bother. As our patience level has hit to the max and all of us can’t hold anymore. We understand as a back end support, our task is to assist and co-ordinate our front line (Marketing) to produce or even increase our revenue. But did our front line people cares what are we doing as back end support? No, they don’t. They even said that “It is operation (Back end) task which I could not answer“. They even don’t co-operate to assist us to complete certain process and just pass the shit to us. How can we handle the shit if front line pass it to us? How can we co-ordinate with them if they don’t even want to co-ordinate with us at the first place? Maybe some of you will say : Miss communication between both of us. Well, no matter how many time of meeting was set or how many email reminder send to all of them. Most of the time, shit will still come back to us. Why? Because you are in back end support, so you HAVE to do it!! I suppose if all of us (back end support staffs) switch our current task with them, I believe we still can handle but I don’t think front line could handle our task. I may not in the position to comment anything and I fully understand what our HOD thinking. He is a marketing man, so he is always think of marketing first. We did not blame him for such a decision, but if he continue to do so I suppose no one could help out as support team anymore. So what can i do now? I will pray for him and all of my colleagues.

After a long consideration and discussion with hubby, I will leave my current job and follow him for few months. Perhaps it’s time for me to slow down and relax my stressful working life for a while. Recharge my self so i could move far further… No matter what, I pray it is the plan of God and of course I will continue to pray for my HOD and colleagues for their future 🙂

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