MIA = Missing In Action

Well, such a long time did not update and online at FB and blog here. My working life is superb busy and stress than before. And I’m double or triple busy than before during weekend. As i have to assist MIL in workshop on saturday, then go to Kidzone to help out in the evening. I feel that I may not able to catch up with friends during weekend anymore. Anyhow, I feel proud as I can serve in His house 🙂

Ok, let me describe my working life now. All my colleagues included myself was superb duberb busy since Feb before CNY. Till now, still busy due to lack of man power. We had highlighted to our HOD long time, but no action + solution from him. We did suggest to get temp staffs to help out, however, he pretend don’t know. Well, till recently our outstanding tasks shoot up to very high volume so we have no choice but required a close door meeting with him. We told him that if he did not or not bother to take any action, all of us will tender our resignation soon!! No kidding, five of us, 1 manager, 1 asst manager, 2 Senior Exe and 1 Exe will just leave it with no bother. As our patience level has hit to the max and all of us can’t hold anymore. We understand as a back end support, our task is to assist and co-ordinate our front line (Marketing) to produce or even increase our revenue. But did our front line people cares what are we doing as back end support? No, they don’t. They even said that “It is operation (Back end) task which I could not answer“. They even don’t co-operate to assist us to complete certain process and just pass the shit to us. How can we handle the shit if front line pass it to us? How can we co-ordinate with them if they don’t even want to co-ordinate with us at the first place? Maybe some of you will say : Miss communication between both of us. Well, no matter how many time of meeting was set or how many email reminder send to all of them. Most of the time, shit will still come back to us. Why? Because you are in back end support, so you HAVE to do it!! I suppose if all of us (back end support staffs) switch our current task with them, I believe we still can handle but I don’t think front line could handle our task. I may not in the position to comment anything and I fully understand what our HOD thinking. He is a marketing man, so he is always think of marketing first. We did not blame him for such a decision, but if he continue to do so I suppose no one could help out as support team anymore. So what can i do now? I will pray for him and all of my colleagues.

After a long consideration and discussion with hubby, I will leave my current job and follow him for few months. Perhaps it’s time for me to slow down and relax my stressful working life for a while. Recharge my self so i could move far further… No matter what, I pray it is the plan of God and of course I will continue to pray for my HOD and colleagues for their future 🙂


About miumiu138

I'm glad to came to know God. Thru Him, I thankful and appreciate with what i have and what i had gone thru.. Thank you Lord :)
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