Year 2009

Such a long time didn’t login here and share my life or work here… Well, three more weeks and we have to say “sayonara” to Year 2009 and welcome 2010. Time flies and I feel that nothing I had done in year 2009.

~working life~
Now realized that i had joined this company for 10 months and nothing much i have done… the mission i set for myself to achieve, is not complete and yet i may need to extend.. at least, i learn a lot of stuffs which i can’t learn from previous company. I’m glad and grateful that my supervisor cum close friend, is open mind and willing to guide and assist me to complete certain tasks which beyong my ability, I suppose. I’m blessed too to have so many team mates who so aggressive and positive to work with. Of course i learn a lot from product and also human managing. It’s time for me to move further instead of continues staying in my comfort zone. kambadeneh ya ^^

~marriage life~
Well well well…. many people will ask these below questions after your first year married:
1) any good news?
2) when are u both plan to have a family?
3) It’s better to get pregnant now than later, although i understand that young couple would like to enjoy for few years then start family plan…
It really make me feel to find a hole and juz put my head in to not listen those silly comments anymore. I knew those peoples are trying to share and giving their advise but yet don’t they feel that perhap that couple also have their own problems??
Maybe they had tried several times or even the past one year and cannot conceive successful due to work pressure or anything?
Maybe they are facing financial issue or tight cash flow as they just start build up their love nest?
or maybe some other reasons? (sorry i can’t figure it now) Still, these two are my answer !! Who know both of us didn’t try it? or not hard enough? Are you going to help me pay my house instalment, car instalment plus all my expenses if i have a kid now? Although hubby may not have a big issue on his financial but still there will be a lot a lot of money to spend when the little one is arrive.. All these are very depend on our planning. My opinion: i always want to have our love nest, is not bcos of my parent in-law. as i want hubby to take a responsibility and be the man of our nest.. So then he can bear more responsible when the little one or two or three are arrive.. I suppose God have his plan on us. When it is the time, he will come.. why should i give myself or us such a big burder to carry? and we had carried for one whole year and yet we still don’t know how to realease completely till now…
I wish both of us can enjoy our “honey moon” in year 2010 🙂

About miumiu138

I'm glad to came to know God. Thru Him, I thankful and appreciate with what i have and what i had gone thru.. Thank you Lord :)
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